Worldox Applets, Integration Templates, and Connectors

Connectors to populate Worldox Profile tables from billing and management systems

They programs or applets they contain will not function without a valid license key issued by WSC

Connector Products are readily available for

wdqcm43e - Elite 3E

wdqcm4ae - AcuminEW

wdqcm4ad - Adderant (with Matter Centre)

wdqcm4e - Elite Enterprise

wdqcm4f - File Import

wdqcm4j - Juris

wdqcm4o1 - Omega

wdqcm4p1 - Prolaw

wdqcm4pcl - PC Law (See the PcLaw Specific Folder for more on that connector)

wdqcm4rk - Rippe & Kingston

Any other products in this folder are 'special'. Other connectors may be available for other billing systems Contact with any queries

Lite-Update zip files contain only an update for the connector executable.
As the queries on some sites have been modified it is recommended that this Lite update is used unless otherwise advised by WSC support staff